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Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) is a key part of HB3, dedicated to recruiting, supporting, and retaining highly effective teachers in all schools, with particular emphasis on high-need and rural schools. Districts, if they choose to, can develop a local designation system and designate high-performing teachers (Master, Exemplary, or Recognized). Districts will receive additional funding ($3,000-$32,000 per year) for every designated teacher they employ. Districts will receive greater funding for designated teachers who work on rural and/or high-needs campuses. At least 90% of TIA funds must be used on teacher compensation on the campus where the designated teacher works. Texas Education Agency (TEA), in partnership with Texas Tech University, will approve the local designation systems.


Increase the retention of higher performing teachers. Improve student outcomes. And close opportunity gaps.


The goal is ALL certified teachers at ALL schools will be eligible for designation over a 3-year phase-in period.
All schools and levels will be eligible by subject area.

      • Phase 1: 2022-2023 school year – Pre-K, K-8th (Reading, Math), 5th & 8th (Science) 8th (History) STAAR EOC Select AP Exams  
      • Phase 2: 2023-2024 school year – Additions include other Core Content, Select CTE Courses
      • Phase 3: 2024-2025 school year – TIA fully implemented for all teachers


Following the data collection year, based on the 3 measures/components and weightings, the district will set the standards for each designation level and submit eligible teachers and data to TEA/Texas Tech for review against state measures.
Texas Education Agency (TEA) will have final approval, and it is possible that not all teachers submitted for designation by the district will be approved by TEA. Once a designation is earned by a teacher, it is not tied to a specific subject/content or grade level. Measures/ratings may be adjusted each year by the district and teachers not obtaining a designation one year may be submitted in subs



Ninety percent of allotted funds must be used toward teacher compensation on the campus where the designated teacher works. 
It is possible for part of the campus funds to be used toward compensating other non-designated, highly effective teachers on that campus that contribute to student and campus growth (with a majority of the allotment paid to the designated teacher and a smaller portion divided amongst other highly effective teachers on the campus who are not yet eligible for designation). These amounts may be adjusted each year as additional teacher groups become eligible for designation.


ALL teachers in an eligible TIA eligible course are AUTOMATICALLY considered!  No action is required from the teacher!

At the conclusion of the 2022-2023 Aransas County’s teacher appraisal and student growth outcomes are reviewed alongside the state’s performance standards as well as available state and national data to determine the district’s final TIA cut points.  Once analysis is complete, information is made publicly available.

If performance criteria are met, the TIA designation is submitted to the State for data review; pending TEA data validation, the TIA designation is attached to the teacher’s teaching certificate for a period of 5 years.