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Board & Superintendent Student Advisory Council




The Student Advisory Council (SAC) provides feedback and insight to the RFISD School Board and Administration, often suggesting viable solutions to meet student needs across the district as well as learning about the governance role of the School Board. The SAC meets with School Board members and the Superintendent of Schools two times each semester.



The Student Advisory Council includes two student representatives from each grade 8th – 12th selected annually by the committee. Selection is determined by a student application process. At least one member of the RFISD Board of Trustees will co-chair the council along with the RFISD Superintendent.

Eligibility Requirements


  • Current 7th-11th grade students
  • Maintain a 2.5 or better GPA
  • Adhere to the Student Handbook/Code of Conduct
  • Must be able to serve a one-two year term and fulfill all membership duties
  • Complete application form
Goals and Duties


  • Promote a school environment that is respectful and welcoming to all
  • Learn Robert’s Rule of Order and school governance
  • Actively engage in meaningful dialogue reviewing students’ views, concerns, and perspectives
  • Attend scheduled quarterly SAC meetings
  • Attend community events when applicable
  • Effectively communicate with the student body
  • Learn leadership skills and how to be a good role model
  • Work collaboratively to find solutions to problems and advocate for positive change


  • Location: High School Library
  • Duration: 45-60 minutes
  • Dates: 4th Wednesday of the month (Sept-Nov; Jan-Apr)


  • Give students ownership of some of the improvement priorities
  • Students will have the opportunity to have a direct role in improving RFISD for all students.
  • Students will gain leadership, public speaking, decision-making and team building skills.
  • Students will learn Roberts Rule of Order and how school boards operate and make decisions.
  • Students will have a great addition to their resume and college applications.