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Driver Selection

Driver Selection and Training
School bus drivers hired by the RFISD Transportation Department must meet standards developed by Rockport-Fulton ISD and the State Law in the following areas.
Motor Vehicle Records Check
A bus driver’s driving record must be acceptable according to standards developed by the Department of Public Safety and the Rockport-Fulton Independent School District. A pre-employment driver's license check is required for school bus drivers in Texas. This check covers the driver’s motor vehicle record for the past three years. Rockport-Fulton ISD maintains a procedure that a new employee will not be hired with more than six penalty points within the last three years. No one may drive a school vehicle with 10 or more penalty points during the three-year period. Drivers who have recently moved to Texas from out of state will be required to furnish a three-year required from the state or states in which they lived for that period of time.
Criminal History Record Check
All potential employees are subject to a criminal history record check. Criminal history must be accepted according to the standards developed by the Rockport-Fulton ISD and state law.
Work History / Personal Background Check
Rockport-Fulton ISD will perform both work history and personal background checks during the hiring of potential employees. All employees must meet the standards acceptable to the district.
Annual Physical Examination
“It shall be unlawful for any person to be employed to drive a motor vehicle while in use as a method of transportation of pupils who has not undergone a physical examination which reveals physical and mental capabilities to safely operate a school bus.” All school bus drivers must complete a Texas Department of Public Safety physical examination each school year. All drivers must have received a physical before driving students in an RFISD vehicle or be subject to suspension, without pay.
NOTE: Persons who are disqualified may request special consideration from the State Commissioner of Education. The applicant must present in writing, “clear and convincing evidence" that they will not impair in any way which would reduce the applicant’s effectiveness as a bus driver or endanger the safety and welfare of the children.
Drug Testing
Employees covered under this policy are classified as operating in safety-sensitive positions. These employees are defined by federal laws as drivers of vehicles having a gross vehicle weight of 26,001 lbs. or more or who operate vehicles designed to transport more than 15 passengers.