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The Texas Migrant Education Program strives to empower educators working with migrant children to collaborate in designing programs which build upon student strengths, eliminate barriers, provide continuity of education, and produce levels of performance for migrant students that meet or exceed those of the general student population. Parent involvement is viewed as an essential part of the educational process, and home-school-community partnerships provide the support necessary to improve student achievement.
Because issues of mobility, language, and poverty affect the migratory student's opportunities to receive excellence and equity in the classroom, the Migrant Education Program strives to provide an education experience which can help children reduce the educational disruptions and other problems that can result from repeated moves. Texas migrant children deserve the same opportunities to reach the same challenging state performance standards that all children are expected to meet.
The Education Service Center Region II identifies and serves the migrant students in our district.
Who is considered a migrant student?
A child who is, or whose parent, spouse or guardian is a migratory agricultural worker, or migratory fisher:”
  • who has moved from one school district to another
  • in order accompany such parent, spouse, or guardian in order to obtain (or to obtain themselves) temporary or seasonal employment in agricultural or fishing work that serves as a principal means of livelihood for the worker and his or her family
  • within the preceding 36 months.
What should I do if I believe that my student(s) may be considered a migrant student?
If you feel that your child may be considered a migrant student and eligible for a variety of services please contact:
Christy Weete, Director of Assessment and Special Programs at [email protected] or
Candy Morris, Coordinator of Federal and Special Programs at [email protected]